Body of Light MERKABAH Energy Smudge Kits by Solara Solstice!

🏡 Merkabah Energy Smudge Kits to Cleanse Your Mind, Body, & Spirit! 🏡 Our Smudge Kits are Perfect to Cleanse Heavy Dense Energy in Any Space to Promote Productivity & Health. 🏞 Each Kit Includes an Intentionally Selected Collection of Crystals & a Merkabah Sigil Necklace! πŸ’

🌿🌼 Our Herb Bundles are Made with a Fresh Dried Sage Bundle, Palo Santo Wood Sticks, and Cedarwood Strips from a Cedarwood Tree struck by lightening and infused with it’s High Energy. 🌬⚑This Cleansing and Healing Smudge Bundle Radiates a Natural And Fresh Aroma. Once lit, the Positive Energy Shift in Any Space can be Immediately felt. πŸ’

πŸ’Ž Our Energy Smudge Sage Kits include an assortment of Intentionally selected Crystals. As seen in the above photo, this Includes: a Green Fluorite Octahedron Crystal, an Apache Tear Obsidian Nodule from Arizona, an Energizing and Vibrant Orange Carnelian Specimen, an Amplifying Clear Quartz Crystal from Arkansas, a Beautiful and Calming Banded Agate, and a Protective Rainbow Obsidian Specimen from California! 🧿

πŸ’ Each of our Crystals, Stones, Tektites, and Fossils are Always 100% Natural and Unenhanced. πŸŒ„ They are Pure and Natural as Nature Intended. We Provide Only the Finest Quality High Vibrational Crystals for Energetic Work and Healing for Maximum Results. πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈπŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

Visit our Unique Unique Crystal Boutique!

With Love & Light,


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