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Full Moon Musings

One Love Forever More… Brightest Blessings at your Door. 

The Full Moon Eclipse Energy last month was intense and had me up into the wee hours of the morning!! Reflection… What to release, what I want to see in my life ~ how I define myself ~ how am I following the drives and passions of my Soul…? 

As we move into the last Full Moon of the year this Saturday the 18th, we may still feel this strong eclipse energy where more will be Revealed, Released, and Rejuvenated. With the energetic cleansing, we Open our Channels of Consciousness wider to the understanding of our Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit~ and how we live out our purpose fully here on Earth.

With this New Energy I feel different ~ as though something has changed and we stand at the precipice of something big.

This New Year brings All the Greatness we Desire. That which is aligned with our Authenticity and the Highest Good for All. Collective Advancement, more Aligned with Higher Spirit.

The Veil is thinner now and much has changed here in the New Earth…

Time and Manifestation have sped up and our thoughts transfer to others more quickly and are received by others with ease…

It is of Utmost importance to tend to your thoughts ~ every idle thought ~ as thoughts are indeed things… For what you mentally harvest, you will reap… and this harvest we mentally sow surfaces swiftly.

We send kisses to all the Angels as they join us in Magnificent scales this time of year ~ bringing their tidings of Love, Support, and Cheer! May we truly soak in and feel this Unconditional Love in our lives!!

…Still the Mind and hear the songs and whispers of the Angels…Feel their healing touch…

They wish for us to talk to them and ask for assistance in times of need. They wish for us to reach out to those that may be struggling or alone during this time…

For our personal Blessings are the world’s Blessings ~ to be shared and enjoyed together. As we are indeed One Family and One Spirit.

In the Will and Light of Infinite Spirit for the Highest Good of All.
Solara Solstice

We can utilize the Energy of the Full Moon as a Superpower. The feelings and thoughts that arise from Inner Reflection provide us a Gateway to Vibrationally Step into the Newest Upgraded Version of ourself!

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