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Entering the Cosmic Light of the Solstice

Suspended in this Universal Golden Light, We are Supported in All ways by the Universe… 

Blessings Fellow Cosmic Travelers! We meet at the Solstice again! Hand in hand, heart to heart we Merry Greet at this Sacred Portal.

Basking in the Cosmic Light we become One with Infinite Spirit~ the Great Ocean of Vitality, Harmony, and Love. Here we are cleansed by the Light of Spirit.

In this Portal, worry, doubt, and judgment do not exist. In this Light we are One with the All…

The Veil dissolves and we see clearly now as we look through the eyes of our Soul. With this freedom of movement, we recognize that feelings of limitation or Prosperity are created from within by the thought forms we hold onto. In this Cosmic Light of the Solstice, we know that We are All God’s Children and heir to All Blessings of the Universe.

Effortlessly Suspended in this Golden Light, I notice that I Am Supported on all sides, in all ways by the Universe. I see that We are All Supported in this Heavenly way…

Each day is governed by something Greater, working in a perfection we may or may not understand at the time. Like a smoothly running cogwheel, or pieces to a puzzle, we each fit together, but God is in charge of the overall picture. In this Light, we have an overwhelming Faith that All is Well and Right on Time.

We truly step into ourself, bringing the Subconscious to the Conscious Light and Feeling it All. We play with the feelings and thoughts and then discard and shut off energy to what is no longer for our use to clear the way for Infinite Flow. Centered Within, we Align ourselves with the Vibrations we wish to see and feel in our life Attracting them to us as a magnet.

In this Place we know that our Power comes from Source and that this Strength resides within. To access our Full Power and to travel to these Inner Sacred Spaces, we must take time to Meditate and Clear the Mind…

We Arrive in this Portal Pure, leaving mental heaviness behind as we Emerge in the Full Magnificence of our Divine Birthright.  We Are the children of Infinite Spirit and we are here to Claim our Highest Blessings, realizing that these Blessings have been waiting for us the entire time.

Here we honor another Solstice, another moment of Regeneration… Appreciation for All the Cycles of Life, the ones here on Earth and those in the Spiritual Realm. We Reflect on our Many Lives and the many times we have traveled this way.

While on your inner journey into the Portal of the Solstice, some wonderful things to Contemplate are:

  • What do you want to Shine forward at this time?
  • What do you want to see in your future?
  • What steps will you take to get there?
  • What kind of Mindset sets you up for Success?

A Special Message for You from Spirit: Infinite Soul, You Deserve All the Best in your Life. Never Settle for Less and Hold onto your Dreams. Nothing is too good for you! Feel just how Magnificent you Are, Sacred Star of the Universe! Acknowledge that you deserve your heart’s desires and All of the Universe is Aligning you in such a way to bring these Blessings into your Life. Prepare for your Blessings because they are on their way to you!

Dream Big and Soar High!

Howl at the Moon and Kiss the Sky!

This is your Time to Shine!

Radiant Blessings and Love to All!
Solara Solstice

See each Blessings~ even the smallest ones~ as Significant and a Sign of more Blessings to Come…

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