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Opening Our Channels Fully to Divine Flow

Align with your Miracles and Joy by thinking thoughts and speaking words that are Uplifting and Nourishing to yourself and others.

Send out into the world Good Thoughts and Optimistic Words to fully Open your Channels and Receive All the Blessings that are waiting for you.

Negative Energy is Cyclical and drains our Chi~ it clogs our Chakras from freely flowing to the Natural Rhythm of giving, receiving, and growing. 

A mindset steeped in negativity dims, weakens, and muddies our Aura~ restricting our access to the messages of Infinite Spirit!

Practicing a Positive and Peaceful Mindset Opens our Energetic Channels to the Light of Universal Consciousness with its Infinite Flow of Health, Joy, Love, Prosperity, and Wisdom.

To most fully receive the Flow of Spirit we must clean our houses~ All our Houses, the Physical and the Spiritual ones. Our Bodies, Our Mind, Our Heart, Our Physical Home~ all need attention, cleansing, and care.

What might we be holding onto that we no longer need? Is there someone or something with which we hold resentment, pain, or jealousy? Are there people in your life, including yourself, that you need to Forgive and Send Love to? Are there self-limiting beliefs you still hold to be true…? 

These feelings and thoughts are energetic blocks limiting your Greater Flow from Reaching you. We can Cleanse and declutter these areas to make room for the New to Flow and to Create Space for our Blessings to Manifest.

Surrender to the Love and Prosperity that is Always Flowing to you from the Well of Divine Light. Feel the Unconditional Love Reflected to You every day in the smallest of things. Go with the Flow of the Ever-Expanding Universe drifting us into Eternal Advancement. Stay in the Stream of Higher Light by being in Higher Vibrations.

Sending Everyone So Much Love and Big Hugs!

Solara Solstice

Travel Life on clear calm waters by Relaxing the Mind through Meditation, and by Training and Strengthening your Consciousness through Positive, Uplifting thoughts.


  • I Am Aligned with Infinite Spirit.
  • All My Channels are Fully Open to the Miracles and Prosperity of the Universe.
  • I Am Prosperous, Successful, Healthy, and Happy.
  • I Am in the Natural Flow and Rhythm of Life.
  • Every Cell in my Body is Fully Open to Divine Light and Restored to Health.
  • I Glow with the Radiance, Light, and Love of Spirit.
  • I Am Living my Divine Purpose and Following my Divine Path.
  • I Am Open to Receive All the Miracles and Blessings Flowing to me.

Further Reflections at the Well of Spirit:

Do not restrict Divine Flow with limiting thoughts that send mixed signals to the Universe. Steer your path to more fulfilling waters by letting go of dense binding energies and becoming familiar with light, Joyful and Peaceful vibrations. Train the Runaway Mind with Uplifting thoughts and leave what is not within your control into the hands of your Angels and Infinite Spirit. Cleanse away heavy energies to be in the Flow of the New. This is One of the Keys of Manifestation~ As the Universe does its Work, it is time for us to do ours. Light travels the most direct path. Fully Open All your Energetic Channels to Universal Light by Cleansing them and Aligning with the flow of Love and Peace.

We Send Kisses to the Beautiful Cooper Hawk as it Visits us Today! Such a Wonderful Perspective Up There! Your Focus is on Point and Success is yours! With a Clear Mind and Strong Vision, you have the Faith and Foresight to Achieve Miraculous feats! And with the Universe on your Side, You can Achieve Anything!

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