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The Light Within that Always Shines

You are Always Victorious in Life when you find the Positive in Any Situation.

Solara Solstice

Withstand the darkness to Bring Forth a New Era of Light,

Illuminate with the Flame within you that Glows Forever Bright,

Feel a River of Peace Flow from your Heart even when there is no Harmony to be found,

Refresh Life as a warm Ray of Light in the dim coldness of the valley ground,

Energize at the Summits with the Sun as she Shines her Healing Power,

Hold onto what is Real~ the Love, the Light, the Justice, that is eternally ours.

Fall not for what is passing, Rest in the Light that always prevails. This Infinite Light always finds a way to reach the spaces that need her healing rays. Forever look into her gaze and Bask in the Flow of Love and Light.

In One Love,

Solara Solstice

‘You Are a Sacred Star’, Watercolor by Solara Solstice

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