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The Keys to Clarity

The Clarity of the Moment is Found in a Calm Mind.

Solara Solstice

When the mind is racing, best to give it a rest. Feelings of stress and worry are indicators that we are placing our Energy and Power outside ourself.

Pull your energy back to your center and Ground in your Being. Breathe in the Light of the Universe. Exhale Love and feel the healing…

If we focus on the negatives, they compound and overwhelm the Light of our Soul making life seem dim. Climb out of the worry hole and into the Light of Faith and Peace. Cut the links in the chain and anchor of worry and sail into the Ocean of Unconditional Love, Calmness, and Clarity…

Worries are often focused on outcomes and controlling the uncontrollable. Free your mind of this unnecessary weight and Immerse yourself in the experience of life. Step into the Strength that is innately yours, springing forth from Infinite Spirit.

If worry clouds fill the day, take a mental step away. Take some time to clear your head and refresh your mind again. Engage in the productivity of the day to dissolve the negative focus away.

As we Relax the Mind, Cut the Cord of negative thoughts. Grow in its place the Pleasant and Peaceful and Align into a state of Nowness.

Ahhh…. Now, this is the space where we find ourselves~ Right here within our Being, where Calmness, Clarity, and Truth are found. Here, within the Serene Silence of our Soul is where we meet God and Unite with All that Is.

In Eternal Light,

Solara Solstice

Further Reflections:

Beautiful Soul, You have all the Keys. Now time to use them to unlock the Happiness and Peace that is yours. One of the Keys you have is the Freedom to Change your thoughts at any time which affects the way your Life Flows. Notice any negative thought before it compounds and change its vibration to the opposite Uplifting One to Transform its Energy into Healing Light.

If we keep thinking of things in a negative way, we will see Life as Melancholy. Instead, radiate Calmness and Love from your Being to transform the energy within Yourself and the World. We are All Connected. Your Peace brings Peace to All. Your Inner Strength Brings Strength to the Web of Life. Practice this Inner Alchemy to Transform your Inner and Outer World. What areas in your life~ or in another’s life~ need Peace and Healing?

Never give up on the Faith that the Light of Source Heals. Send a Prayer out to your Angels and into the Universe for assistance in any spaces that need Healing, Clarity, or Peace. Always Remember, we are Never Alone and truly Deeply Loved by eachother, our Angels, Spiritual Family, and Source. Trust that your Angels, Spirit Guides, and Higher Self will help you along your path to Success and Peace. All we have to do is Open up our Communication to the Universe and have Faith as we walk our Divine Path here on Earth. Calm the Mind in Meditation to hear their guidance and the messages of your Soul. There are no mistakes, only paths to Inner Growth connecting us all deeper to our Essence of Unconditional Love.

Just as negativity compounds, so does what is Positive and Uplifting. Focus on nourishing thoughts to bring a Flow of Happiness into your Life.

~ You are a Reflection of your Inner Vibration. ~

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