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Loving All your Spaces

I awoke suddenly this last Full Moon feeling as though the Moon had something to say. An intense Energy Beamed in through the window~ there was a Language to this Lunar Light…

Immersed in this Powerful and mystifying energy, I sensed a spiritual presence in the front room. The moment I brought my attention to it, the energy was no longer focused, but expansive filling up every space.

This Full Moon brought to all of us many special things. A refreshed outlook~ and Upgraded downloads from the Universe and our Spiritual Family, to walk forward with. The moon brought us closer to the New Energy we are experiencing and the upgraded higher Vibrations we will continue to experience.

This Full Moon and Equinox Energy of New Beginnings and Fresh Starts has me Reflecting upon the non-locality of Consciousness and our ability to tap into any ‘space’ and any ‘time’.

If we are to think of our current life and all our lives existing on~ One Great Plane~ where every aspect of our many lives is there happening and existing simultaneously, we can begin to catch a glimpse of the Expansiveness of our Life through the eyes of our Soul. We may also take notice of the Unique Opportunity for healing that lays out in front of us.

Seeing from a different vantage point we can look at the areas we need to and begin to mend and ‘rewrite’ the ‘part of our story’ that needs healing.

Instead of re-living a situation in a negative way, we can rewrite it in such a way that brings Peace. As we travel to these inner spaces and uncover the hurt or pain we may still hold onto, we can revise the narrative of our story to flood in these spaces with healing light.

Working with this living gridwork, we can nourish any aspect, that in this life and with our limited perspective, seems to reside in the past, but in actuality is happening all in the Expansive Now.

With our Bird’s Eye view, we notice that we are healing at a Soul Level. Alchemically altering and transforming our story~ our Journey to Healing, Growth and Light….and in this inner mission we transform our destiny and assist others in their unique journey.

There is no past. There is no future. There is just the Expansive Now. Include in your present the Healing of any area in your life~ of ‘past’ generations~ and even ‘past’ lives! Heal all the places that need your tender touch.

Revise, Recreate and Transform with this Living Organic Thread you Weave in Eternal Life.

What hurt or pain do you still hold onto? How would you revisit this narrative of your story? Mend it, Rewrite it, Forgive it. Release and Let it Go…

We Now Transform the painful into the Powerful. We give these areas the Love they need and dissolve all blocks and barriers…

With the Light of this Full Moon and the Positive Energy of the Spring Equinox, we are rejuvenated, and energetically sewn within our essence is Inner Comfort.

Inner Comfort in Our Skin~ in our unique expression and unique life. We feel comfort in the Inspiration received from our fellow Soul Family. Comfort in the Love the Universe Shines to us.

We feel Comfort in the new advancements we make as a Collective in our Ascension.

Comfort in All that we have learned and been through.

Comfort in the Strength and unique vision we Bring to the Present.

After the Full Moon life feels different. A collective download anchoring us in the Center of our Being~ Grounding us in the Beauty of our Unique Expression and Perspective. Gratitude for our Journey as a Soul here on Earth, and the Appreciation of that same Journey in another.

What downloads or Insights did you receive in the Light of this Full Moon?

In Love and Light,

Solara Solstice

Affirmations for the Soul: I feel Comfort in my Unique Expression, in my Unique Perspective. Comfort in All that I have learned and been through. Comfort in my Strength and unique vision that I Bring to the Present. I Am Free to Be Me.
‘Diamond Body Activation’, Watercolor and Pencil by Solara Solstice

Diamond Body Activation:

All of My Energy Bodies are Aligned and Open to Divine Flow.

I Am Conscious at All Levels and Receptive to the Vibrations of the Universe.

I Am Aligned with My Purpose in this Life.

I Shine Light and Receive Light into All Facets of My Being.

I Activate All my Dormant Abilities and Extrasensory Perception.

I Activate All Light Codes and Light Language Stored in my DNA.

The Light of Source Forever Shines its Loving Rays into my Soul.

Every Part of Me Shines with the Light of Source.

I Am Living My Soul’s Purpose.

Body Comfort Activation:

I am Whole in Every Moment.

I Live Always in Plenty.

Everything I Seek Already Exists.

Everything I want or need is Already Here with me.

I Am Divinely Guided to Receive the Gifts of the Universe.

I Am Open to Receive All that is Divinely for me.

I Am Aligned with All My Blessings.

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