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Springtime Alchemy

A Short Spring Message: Our Soul in Bloom

Happy Spring Blessings and Love Soul Stars!  I want to share some Energetic Activations and Springtime Affirmations for Inner Comfort and Alignment with our Higher Self. The more we Align with the positive feelings we wish to embody and walk forward into them; the more life shifts to reveal this Inner Reality. 

Signs of Spring are Blooming all around showing us the Wonderful Bountiful Blessings Ahead. We Welcome the Energy of anew! Miracles Springing Forth where there once seemed nothing, to Rejuvenate with healing green and the Colors of Life~ teaching us that Faith in the Growth, even if unseen, Brings the Blossoms of Change and Prosperity.

With Love and Hugs,
Solara Solstice

I feel Comfort in my Unique Expression, in my Unique Perspective. Comfort in All that I have learned and been through. Comfort in my Strength and unique vision that I Bring to the Present. I Am Free to Be Me.

Further Reflections:

There is no better time than Now to Appreciate our Inner Beauty and the Unique and Powerful Expression~ and Perspective~ we each bring to this world. 

 There is no better time than Now to Align with All our Blessings~ each one so Divinely given~ and we realize that this is because we are Born of God and divinity ourself. 

Just as this Inner Greatness already exists, so too do our Blessings. We can acknowledge these and align with them. We can apply Affirmations to step into higher vibrations and watch our world transform.

When we step into Higher Vibrations, we are living as an expression of our Higher Self~ flowing freely with Infinite Consciousness~ where Love, Joy, Prosperity, and Peace dwell.

~ Body Comfort Activation: Springtime Affirmations for the Soul ~

I am Whole in Every Moment.

I Live Always in Plenty.

Everything I Seek Already Exists.

Everything I want or need is Already Here with me.

I Am Divinely Guided to Receive the Gifts of the Universe.

I Am Open to Receive All that is Divinely for me.

I Am Aligned with All My Blessings.

I Am Free to Be Me.

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