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Love, The Only Constant

Blessings and Love Soul Stars!  During this transformational time, we may be noticing that our journeys into the dreamscape have been so lucid~ that we have been more Consciously aware of visiting these Subconscious places…

Significant work is being done in these spaces that then filter into our waking life, just as our waking life filters into this Astral ‘dream’ world. Sacred symbols being shared with us help spark our Greatest Potential, and important dreamtime conversations awaken further curiosity of eternal existence.

Our Consciousness exists in many dimensions, but now we Open our Inner Eyes to see beyond into places that once seemed unfamiliar. We welcome ourselves home to higher levels of our Consciousness, greeting with the Multidimensionality of our Existence~ connecting with ourself, others, and All there is…

I had several powerful and vivid dreams the Last Full Moon at the Spring Equinox that left their impressions… 

In the first dream, I was looking through the eyes as an old man on my deathbed. I strongly sensed the Love all around and heard the Comforting words from a loved one say, “It is okay to go…” This Love and Sweet Words were so comforting and put me at ease…  The following night I dreamt that I had just given birth to a baby. As I held my newborn in my arms I said to her, “I will always take good care of you…” I could feel the Love in the room and in all our hearts… 

It is said that change is the only constant, but truly it is Love.  What is there at Death, and what is there at Birth is Love. It is what always remains constant as a foundation in our life~ through all ups and downs~ it is the Love that shines to us and through us from the Universe. If we change our lenses to see the Good, we will see and feel Love Always Reflected to us.

All things of a temporary nature are but Symbols for Inner Reflection, Awareness, and Growth. These Symbols in life are the Very Experiences themselves. And what we see always as a constant is the Love Light of the Universe inherent in our Soul~ in who we are~ and in all that we do. And how Beautiful it is to know this Inner Truth, that no matter what in Life you are Forever Loved. 

I Love You,

Solara Solstice

You are Forever Loved

A Small Reminder… “I Love You,” said the Universe. “I am With You.” “I Got Your Back.”

Tips for Dreamtime: Further Reflections

We can utilize this peaceful time before sleep to communicate with the Universe and with ourself~ to connect with our Guides, Angels, Soul and innermost energetic spaces. A powerful place to send forth prayers for healing, learning, and guidance~ for Peace and Love. So much can be done in the moments before rest without much effort except a bit of desire and imagination!

In these moments before sleep we can jump into our heart space~ and reflect on goals and Positive Affirmations to train our subconscious mind with Uplifting Thoughts, and feel our deepest dreams to help them Blossom. We can even set intentions to have clarity of our dreams when we wake to help us work with them in this Conscious state! Whether it be intentions for things we are working on with ourself or another~ or possibly help with guidance to a question~ there is no limit to the work that can be done within the Dream Realm! We are communicating at deeper levels with ourself and the subconscious universe, so what is it that you are trying say to yourself and what is your self expressing to you?

Awaken Gently to help remember any significant dreams. Keep a Journal next to where you rest and jot down anything that you remember from any dreams, even if the detail seems insignificant at the moment~ make a note of it. There may be significance later. Reflect upon these messages and symbols to see what clarity they may offer. The vast richness of your dreamscape awaits! Have fun with your Sacred Journey and in all your Magical Spaces! As with any ability~ the more we practice, the better at it we become!

With Infinite Love! Solara

Labradorite, ‘The Stone of Magic,’ transports us into Other Worlds and Wisdom accessible within ourselves. It is one of the transformational stones that is wonderful to work with before resting. Read more about the special energy of Labradorite here and Visit Mystical Earth Treasures to see One-of-a-kind High Quality Labradorite treasures and Handcrafted natural Amulets by Solara Solstice! Blessed be!

Curious about the Dream Realm? Visit my Soul Message, ‘Where Do We Go When We Dream‘, to take a journey into our Subconscious Dreamscape where much surprising things are to be found…

We live in a world where everyone of us is deeply loved, where every blade of grass smiles, where birds sing sweet symphonies~ and every form of life is united in Eternal Love and Oneness.

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