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Black Moon Solar Eclipse Energy Update for April/May

Sending my Love~ at this special Energetic time of the double New Moon Solar Eclipse! A reminder that we can Release any obstacles in life by changing our state of mind. We Embrace the Love of the Universe, and are Open to the River of Life Force as it flows through our Being, rejuvenating all that it Shines upon.

Take the rays of Light and Darkness and rein them to your Will to create treasures of benefit to yourself and others. You have stepped up your Soul Alchemy. We are called upon to elevate ourselves, by elevating our mindsets with positive uplifting thoughts to keep our Energy strong and clean.

We are attuning to higher frequencies and as we elevate, we may notice our sensitivity to additional vibrations. Bask in this energetically potent time for some TLC, and Cleanse Energies in your favorite ways~ take the night up on some self-care. Especially wonderful is cleansing and charging with water and Strengthening our Energy through Light and Love.

A key theme to take notice of is the importance of seeing from another’s Point-of-View. We can bring together diverse elements for Greater Harmony and understand other’s feelings without attachment to them. No need to be defensive as we see past the surface appearance into the Divine.

Spirit reminds us to drink lots of water~ to Flow, Grow, and Glow! and Rock on!

With Infinite Love and Happy Moon Dreams!

Solara Solstice

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