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The Lessons of Life

Every space of Healing allows more room for the Light and Power of Source to Shine Through~ and the more we allow the Light of Source to Shine through, the Greater the space of Healing.

We can learn something from all people. Even the harmful person has something to teach us, for some lessons we learn are about detachment and Forgiveness and rising above.

Some lessons are about what not to do, and what makes us uncomfortable. Sometimes within this negativity uncovers the Inner Truth and Knowing of the life we want to live~ about creating personal priorities that bring us Joy, Peace, and Purpose. Negativity has a way of showing us sometimes what we truly value in life~ and with this energy we can create from a space of desire.

What truly fulfills your life? For what fulfills your life and makes you happy~ and gives you Peace of Mind may be very different than that of another. Dive into your Soul to think of the times you were happy or what happiness feels like to you; and Create from the Pure Place of Personal Passion and Peace.

With Eternal Love,

Solara Solstice

We are in eachother’s lives because we are eachother’s mirrors. Not exact reflections, but illuminations that reveal enough of an image to learn from eachother for Inner Growth.

Attachment is an anchor, Surrender Gives us Wings. Flow with Life and Soar Above it All.

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