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Co-Creation, Divine Spark

Co-Creation Divine Spark

A Poem and Prayer by Solara Solstice

Your Spoken Words are Prayers,

Your Thoughts are Prayers too,

Sent to the Universe that resides in you.

Your Connection to Source runs deep,

Infinite Spirit feels your Heart and Soul,

~Knows you through and through~

A Mind so Divine,

we find our thoughts are Source’s too.

For All is One~ although we are not eachother,

For there is a space that we each fill that we must discover.

So send out your thoughts and Kind Prayers for All,

Connected to Source,

Infinite Spirit Always hears our Call.

Prayer: Infinite Spirit, I Place my Guidance in your hands, for your eyes see all roads. Help me to Discover and Use my Inner Strength and Intuition to walk my Highest Path.

A Prayer for those days in Life that seem unclear and the roads one should trod feel a mystery. Connect with Infinite Spirit to help the Universe Guide your path for your Highest Good.

With Eternal Love. Solara

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