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You Are Very Special

The Seed of Spirit: Divine Soul

Born from the Seed of Spirit, we grow into Spiritual Beings.

These Special Seeds know no time~ for in limited sight takes Eternity.

For lives and lives we toil and how Magnificent to see the Progress in your Soul Garden.

Born from Mind~ Birthed in Matter~ Clothed in Karma~ we live on this Earth,

No Coincidence your Presence here.

What hobbies or activities did you enjoy doing as a child?

Pull those Passions into your immediate world to Align with All your Exciting Facets!

Wishing you a Joyful, Fun, and Playful Day!

With Love,

Solara Solstice

A Poem for Releasing any heaviness of Karma

This is a Poem for Releasing any heaviness of Karma. There is no need to hold onto binding thoughts and heavy feelings. Let them go, and Soar with the dreams and passions of your Soul!

With Love, Solara

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