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Unfolding the Faith Within my Heart

Faith takes us safely to those passages and places in life we wish to go, Faith gives us the Strength of Knowing that Divinity is Unfolding, and those times it is so hard to see~ Faith shows us the Way.

During times that seem uncertain,

or dreams not yet reached,

feel what it is you desire,

and let God take care of it.

Even if things seem scary,

and prayers not yet seen,

have trust in a Higher Power,

and walk forward constructively.

For residing within the unseen exists

what will Bloom into things Seen.

So, Believe in your Divine Power,

and never stop Imagining.

Sending Infinite Love to All!

May All your Days be Extra Blessed and Kissed with Divine Love,

Always Believe that the Best is here to come,

And walk forward in the Faith of Knowing,

That your dreams are Growing,

And an Infinite Light is ever Advancing us along the Way.

Solara Solstice

Faith is Knowing that as I walk in Love my Highest Path is unfolding…

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