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The Soul of Solstice

Open Arms for this New Day Given

Today I show up Fully,

because today is unlike any other day…

This Day is one that will not come again.

Today is different~ one to Refresh the Mind anew,

So nice Today to feel Unlimited Possibility!

The Sun is Shining in my Soul,

and my Heart is Full of Wonder!

My Soul is Ready to Explore…

I feel the Vast Energy of the Day,

As Spirit Watches over,

Beckoning, “Dear child…”

“Let go of worry, doubt, and fear,

for the future is not today,

and Courage walks onto the Path unknown,

while Faith Shows the way.

Keep an Open Heart,

and work with the Passions of your Soul,

For the Moment is yours to create,

and the rest will Unfold.”

With an Open Heart, I say “Hello,”

Open Arms for this New Day Given,

In Awe of the Sparkling Brilliance Today,

I see the Steps,

and walk as Spirit shows the way.

No Petty details to stress over,

or worries about future affairs,

Nay, because Today I Show up Fully,

Simply because it is unlike any other day.

Wishing you All the Blessings of Life! May Love and Prosperity pave Every Step of your Way!

So Beautiful to See a Future Bright~ Beyond the Illusions of Matter~ Infinite Lights Shining for a Happier Future for All.

With Love to Everyone on their Path of Discovery, Peace, and Love,

Solara Solstice

I Walk the Ancient Path of Eternal Love and Authenticity, Guided and Protected as Infinite Spirit walks with me.

If focused on the negatives, it is easy to miss the Blessings All Around Present within every moment. Every day is a New Day and I Choose to show up fully, with an Open Heart and a Giving Hand.

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