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Health and Joy in the Golden Age

As we Emerge in the Golden Age it is so important to understand our Inner Power for Self-Healing and for Helping others Heal. Our Greatest Tools for Healing are in our Minds and in our Hearts and this Higher Consciousness of Health is Directly Connected to Source.

Blessings, Dream Catchers, Dreams, DreamWeaving, Earth, EarthTreasures, Handmade, Intention, Love, Manifest, Manifestation, Nature, Photograpy, Positivity, sacredgeometry, Spirit, Spiritual, Stones

Treasures For Your Spiritual Journey

Hand Crafted One-of-a-Kind Treasures for Your Spiritual Journey by Solara Solstice! The Top Photo Displays An Amplifying Dream Catcher With A Blue Sacred Geometric Webbing Design And A Copper Ring With Genuine Lapis Lazuli Spheres to Help Amplify Positive and Vivid Dreams. Below are Hand Crafted Purple Feather Earrings With Lovely Silver Angel Wing Charms!… Continue reading Treasures For Your Spiritual Journey

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Happy Blessings To You!

Happy And Blessed New Year to Everyone! May Love And Blessings Light Your Path. Wish Peace for Everyone and Have Compassion for All. May your Journey be Full of Laughter and True Love. Solara Mystical Gifts & Earth Treasures Posted from WordPress for Android