Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a Powerful Method of Channeling Universal Energy through Crystals, Stones, and Minerals. Energy is transformed with the vibrations of the specimen and intentions of the person working with the crystal(s) or stone(s). Everything is Energy and Energy is a State of Vibration. As we live our lives we interact with the energies in our environments and also with the internal energies of our mind and body. We want our Internal Energies to be Aligned so our Life Force is Strong for Optimal Health and Manifestation.

Working With Crystals is a Way to Balance Overactive or Blocked Chakras for a free flow of Chi’ or Life Force. The Mineral Kingdom is also Helpful with Manifestation and Dreamwork, Protection, Inner Strength, and the list goes on. Each Crystal has its Unique Essence, Vibration, and Spirit; a Consciousness all their own! They are highly receptive to Energetic Interaction and may be programmed with intentions and emotion. Since each Crystal has a vibration, each one has its own unique energy correlation which provide amazing amplified healing effects that help align the Mind, Body, and Spirit to Bring Harmony to Oneself and Others.

Ancient Civilizations have known and utilized the power of the Mineral Kingdom’s Natural Treasures for centuries. As technology advances it is important to remember the Ancient Power the Earth has Provided for Healing and to Remember Our Connection to Inner Divinity. When we align ourselves with the Natural Energetic Flow of Life that is guided by nature and our inner spirit we experience Harmony and Ease. Working with Crystals and the Energies of Spirit and Earth Invigorate and Heal, which bring us back in alignment with our inner truth.

With Love and Light to You,


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