Reiki Healing

It is by Continual Work on Self Growth and Connecting With Source that we Cultivate a Healthy Life in Alignment with Our Highest Good. The Reiki Tenets are an Excellent Way to Center Our Energy and Create a Life on Our Divine Path.

The Power of Reiki Healing 

Reiki is an important aspect of my life. Its Powerful Consciousness is one for which I have great Respect and Love. I enjoy working with it and teaching others to access Reiki for themselves. Many have experienced the Benefits of Reiki including inner growth, rejuvenation of health, balancing of the Chakras, and improving overall energy balance and health.

It is a Spirit that Overflows in Bounty of Love and Health and is Available at Anytime to Anyone who wishes to tap into this Powerful Universal Energy Source. This place is waiting there for Us All.

Reiki is Divine Intelligence that Exists within Our Collective Consciousness and When Channeled with Intention its Power Travels where it is needed most for optimal growth and healing for the recipient(s).

The Healing Energy of Reiki can be experienced in many ways and it knows no bounds. Its effects can be often felt immediately and over a period of time. Its Energy can be felt directly in person or throughout long distances. It can be used to Heal the Past, Present, and the Future.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal Energy that Radiates Within Ourselves and Throughout All Life and Dimensions. It is the Spirit of Life, Creation, and Expression. Reiki is the Japanese Word for ‘Universal Life Force Energy’.

The word Reiki is the combination of Rei, attributed to ‘The Wisdom of God or Higher Power’ and Ki, meaning ‘Life Force Energy.’ This Life Force Energy is called by many names in different cultures. For example, in India it is known as ‘Prana’ and in Chinese Culture as ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’.

Throughout civilaztions, Reiki has been called many names, but regardless of what we call it, Reiki is a “Space of All-Knowing Consciousness” within Source where All Healing is Accessible and Possible. It is Our Fountain of Youth to where we can begin and complete the healing process of our Mind, Body, Soul connection.

This Powerful Ancient Healing Technique was rediscovered in Japan by Mikao Usui and Brought to the Western World by Hawayo Takata. Its resurgence in modern times makes it appear as though Reiki is a relatively new healing modality, but it has been known and accessed by man since Ancient times.


Why Reiki and How Does it Fit into Our Life?

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What we choose to do with our Life Force is of Key Importance in determining our quality of life. If we choose balanced beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions, and habits that promote growth and radiate loving intent, we plant seeds that blossom into fortuitous blessings and radiant health. Unhealthy or unbalanced thoughts, beliefs and actions create lives of disharmony that can have major negative impacts within the self, and can affect others as well.

Everyday life experiences, such as work, interactions, unbalanced thoughts, unhealthy food, and environmental pollutants can deplete this Life Force Energy. The unbalance can ripple into an energetic chain of problems.

This is why our thoughts, mindsets, and choices are so important.

If not cleansed and realigned mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually this disharmony can manifest into dis-ease within the self and nature, manifesting into both unhealthy lives and environments.

Living in civilizations together means living in cooperation with one another for the greater growth of ourselves and others. There is an exchange of energy that is present within all Consciousness of Life. Giving and Receiving. Receiving and Giving. A Constant Give and Take. This Exchange of Energy can either deplete Life Force Energy or it can Charge and Amplify its Power.

We want to visualize and create an existence where we can live passionate and fulfilling lives of love, bounty, health, and joy. A Life where our exchange of energies recharge our reserve and our ability to create a meaningful and mindful life that is in alignment with our passions, health, and overall highest good.

There is Universal Life Force Energy and there is our Personal Life Force Energy that springs forth from the Universal. It is from this Universal Well that we can connect with and tap into for healing and inner balance.

As we continue to go within and channel this Universal Energy we call Reiki, we develop a deeper connection with the Divine itself present within all of ss.

Anyone can Receive the Bountiful Benefits of Reiki.

As we are part of Reiki, we are natural direct conduits of Reiki Energy. Channeling Reiki cleanses, aligns, and heals the Energetic, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Bodies of humans and animals.

We can also Channel Reiki to cleanse and charge the energy of plants, our food and water, and even mechanical and electrical objects, such as vehicles or computers. Therefore, it is from this overflowing Well that we find and receive energetic rejuvenation, alignment, health, and bliss.

Reiki Services by Solara Solstice

At this time, I am excited to announce In-Person and Distance Reiki Sessions. Check out our Patreon for the complete list of Reiki services and visit our Wellness Boutique where we offer a large selection of minerals, crystals, and hand created Earth Treasures, each item Charged by Solara Solstice with the Healing Power of Reiki.

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I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with you on your soul’s journey and look forward to hearing from you. Let us Tap into Our Divine Together and Radiate our Inner Light. Let’s Receive the Bounties and Joys of Life together!

Do you have any stories or direct experiences with Reiki? I would love to hear from you~ Please Stay in Touch!

With Blessings, Love, and Light to You,🙏

Solara Solstice