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Cooperation and Creation is the Way of Infinite Spirit

There is no competition. It is a Societal construct, a Heavy 3D concept, an old played out narrative. Competition oppresses us and keeps us attached to a lower vibration~ a vibration that puts us against each other and ourself. Competition is a divisive energy that causes stress and feelings of inadequecy. One that can cause… Continue reading Cooperation and Creation is the Way of Infinite Spirit


~The Magical and Dreamy Labradorite~

Spectrolite Labradorite in its Natural Rough Form with Beautiful Colorful Labradorescence! ~Labracadabra!~ Labradorite is known as the 'Stone of Magic' as it radiates a powerful amplifying energy that dissolves obstacles and helps provide mental and emotional clarity for clear inner communication. With its vibrant labradorescence, this mesmerizing stone can be used to help recall other lives, dream work, as… Continue reading ~The Magical and Dreamy Labradorite~