Solara Creating Treasures with Mother Nature.

Solara Solstice’s Mystical Earth Treasures is a Unique Crystal and Wellness Boutique with One-of-a-kind Earth Treasures that radiate the healing energy of Light, Love, and Mother Earth!

At Mystical Earth Treasures you will find the Finest Quality Minerals, Stones, Tektites, Obsidian, Fossils, and Spiritual Tools. You and your loved ones Deserve the Best and Genuine specimens make a Huge Difference in Energy Work rather than those which are man-made. All Natural Earth Jewelry is handcrafted by Solara and Infused with the Healing Energy of Reiki and Blessings. All of Our One-of-a-kind Specimens, Gifts, Amulets, and Altar Supplies are created and Blessed so that it be for the Person’s Highest Good.

Discover a Diverse Assortment of Crystals & Minerals, Natural Jewelry, and Spiritual Tools for your Everyday Life!

Each Specimen we offer Radiates Positive Energy and is Intentionally Chosen by Solara for their Exquisite Nature and Healing Energy. Each Specimen is Cleansed with Sage or Cedar and Charged with Reiki before Shipped.

Natural Rose Quartz from South Dakota with the Energies of Love, Inner Peace, and Compassion.

We are Passionate about Natural Healing and Sharing the Beauty and Power of the Natural Treasures of our home, Earth, while Connecting to Inner Spirit through Energy Healing, Meditation, and Mindfulness. Mystical Earth Treasures is Truly a Place Where Body Meets Spirit and Spirit Meets Earth. We are Adding a Wide Variety of New Spiritual Tools Intentionally Crafted by Solara Solstice for Specific Physical and Energetic Needs. Please Keep in Touch and Sign up for our Blog for the Latest Updates!

~ To See the Newest Earth Treasures, Visit our Unique Crystal Boutique! ~

~ Click Here to Read the Newest Soul Messages! ~

Sending you Love and Light on your Inner Cosmic Journey!

Many Blessings to you,

Solara Solstice

Reiki Master

About Solara Solstice

Solara Solstice is a ray of Light and Love, Philosopher, and Metaphysician of Mind, Body, and Soul. She shares Channeled Messages from Higher Spirit and is a practicing Clairvoyant helping others connect further with their Mind, Body, Emotions, Soul, and Spiritual Families.

She offers Energy Healing Services, Karmic Ascension Readings, and Crystal Consultations to help restore Balance, Joy, and Prosperity, and to enhance deeper meaning in one’s life. Visit ‘Mystical Earth Treasures’, a Wellness and Crystal Boutique to see Hand Selected and Hand Created Earth Treasures by Solara with healing, balancing, and uplifting energies for you and your loved ones!


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