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I Choose Happiness

People often worry about externals, while neglecting the Inner Space of Consciousness~ when the Inner Space is ours only to master and control.

The more time we focus on negativity, the less time there is to focus on Building the Positivity we wish to see in our life.

Choose Happiness in Life by developing a Consciousness of Happiness. Make it an obligation to think uplifting thoughts and see Positive Prosperous Visions about your life and dreams.

A negative mindset blocks the flow of what we wish to see and feel, while feeding the thoughtforms of what we Do Not Want.

Let go of any thoughts holding you down in the past or stuck in fear, limitation, and worry. Move Forward in Peace and Plenty.

We cannot always control externals, but instead our Inner Consciousness~ which molds, attracts or repels matter.

Next time an unhappy thought tries to influence your day, Counteract it with the opposite Uplifting one. Replace any lower energy with a Higher Frequency.

Generate Harmonious Vibrations with your Mind and Heart, and Walk into these Higher Energies. Dip your toes into the warm healing sands of Infinite Joy and Prosperity. Drink from the Cool Healing Waters of Universal Oneness and Life.

Cultivate your mental garden by tending to good, constructive thoughts of yourself and others. Care for your mind and watch your garden grow.

May our thoughts be Blessings unto the World~ so Pure of Peace and Love~ they are songs to the Angels~ and a Healing Touch Felt by All.

Blessed Week Soul Family! May we Live in Purity and walk in Strength and Balance.

In Eternal Love,
Solara Solstice

Additional Affirmations

  • I Am Aligned with the Clarity and Harmony of Universal Consciousness and Infinite Divine Flow.
  • I Open my Energetic Channels to Joy, Peace, Prosperity, and Health.
  • I think Uplifting, Nourishing Thoughts about myself and others.
  • I Raise Vibrations with my Peaceful, Kind Thoughts.

Further Reflections: A negative dwelling mindset is clouded in a Veil of Illusion. This veil is the dense Thought Vibrations, such as limitation and fear, which misaligns us from the Clarity and Harmony of Universal Consciousness and the Infinite Divine Flow that is our Birthright. Don’t block your flow of Manifestation and Peace with negative thoughts. Open the Energetic Channels to Prosperity, Joy, and Health by choosing Uplifting, Nourishing thoughts. Make your Mindset a priority. Where do you place your focus?

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